Who is Joe?

Who is Joe?

One of the questions that get asked the most in the Studio is "so, who is Joe?".

Our official stance on the matter is that Joe is an international enigma and man of mystery.

The unofficial story is a little more intriguing.

Where did Joe come from?

It was a cold, summer evening when Joe first came into our lives. The unseasonal chill was just taking hold as we huddled around the pot-belly fireplace in the old shed. This shed would be better described as a man-cave (or a 'She Shed" depending on your political views). It was the meeting ground for our small group of misfits.

The night had just gotten into full swing when the large sliding door was violently thrown open. There, in the silhouette of the night, stood Joe.

He confidently strolled over and joined our circle. Without missing a beat he handed us each a bottle of beer labeled Joes Brew, sat down and the rest is history.

What do we know about Joe?

To be honest; very little.

He blows into town on the promise of a northerly wind and disappears just as quickly.

We know that he is passionate about his looks in a very care-free manner. His dapper style is based around a confidence that oozes from his very core.

He brews a good beer - clean, crisp and slightly fruity.

He performs quite the disappearing act anytime real work is being done. Whilst the fun tasks are underway he is leading the charge.

What don't we know about Joe?

We don't know his permanent address; or if he even has one.

We're not quite sure of his existence. Does an enigma constitute actualization? He thinks you're amazing. He thinks, therefore he is?

So who is Joe?

Joe is whoever, whatever, and wherever you need him to be.

Joe is the embodiment of everything that we need to know about ourselves. He loves you. He cares about you. He thinks you're beautiful.